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The One with the Happiness Definitions

26 Jan

Today happiness is…

  • sleeping in to a ridiculous hour.  And on that note, comforters!
  • having heart-to-heart catch-up sessions with friends via FaceTime.
  • a visit from my adorable little nephew, who doesn’t speak much yet but loves to hug my legs. : )
  • hotpot on a cold night.
  • finding out that my futhubs secretly hunted down this blog and read it because he knew that I’d be encouraged by the hits.  hahaha.  That man!  He knows me and loves me.  And he is so, so sweet.  ❤
  • ridiculous youtube videos like this.  And this.  They make me smile and laugh like no other.  (Psst… futhubs, if you’re reading this, how about you try that dance on for size? : )
  • reading the blogs of other women who lay their lives out on a page; they both encourage and inspire me.
  • Moroccan mint tea with honey.  And timtam slams.  (Treat yo’ self 2012).

    Tim Tam Slamming

    Image by Kevin via Flickr

  • family.  Knowing that I have a family in which everyone truly loves one another– even if we show it in different ways.  Sometimes crazy ways.  (And I confess: I am often part of the crazy).  haha.  But to quote Lilo & Stitch: “[My family] is small and broken… but good.  Yeah.  Still good.”

What brings you happiness these days?